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Welcome To The D.L.S Soft-Ware.Inc Website. Being As Some Gamers Prefer Classic Style Games As Opposed To Modern Games, I Have Decided To Achieve A Single Goal, To Bring New Games Into The World Using My Custom Graphics Engine & An Older Themed Tech Engine For People To Enjoy. Have A Question For Me? Submit It To Me Via The "Contact Me" Button. Need A Little Help Or Advice With One Of My Products? Contact Me And I'll Try To Get Back To You As Soon As I Can, Although Time Is A Factor Here.

If You Don't Have A PC Of Your Own, Or You Just Prefer Your X-BOXs, Then Feel Free To Drop Me A Line.

COFFEEL0RD@XboxLIVE. Hope To Hear/See From Y'all Soon!


 Postponed Update: Finalizing Map: {Citadel No# - 19: Lebanon}.

 "Don't Bother Trying To Get Information Out Of Me, For Citadel No# - 19 Was Sealed For A Reason, And A Reason That You 2 Will NEVER Completely Understand................."(Danial To Vladimir & Demitra In The Tunnels)

CITADEL No# - 19 (SHOWN ABOVE) Has Finally Been Ported To The Game As A "Finalized BETA" Variant Map. Using The Improved 3D Graphics Of The New PSYCHOTIC_PERSILLAH_TECH-2 Graphics Engine, Lebanon Has Become A Blood Curdling Reality. It's Current State Is Still A "W.I.P", Though It's In The Final Stage Of Construction. In Lebanon, You Can Use The Objects You Find Lying Around To Your Advantage, Please Note That On Older Computers This Map Will Cause Some Lag In Your Game-play. Keep In Mind, C.T.-19 Is As Beautiful As It Is Disturbing, The Ocean Waves & Peaceful Snow Flurries Mixed With The Ambient Silence Add A More "DEAD" Feeling To The Town. But Believe Me, This Town Is FAR From Dead.

To Clear Up Some Issues, These Pictures Show The Complete Head-Shot View(Top),

Current Update: Finalizing Map: {Level 1: CENTRILICA, A.C.}.

 Level 1 (Shown Below) Has Been Constructed & Is Currently Receiving A "Coat Of Polish". Centrilica Is Level 1 In The Character "Danial"'s Story & Is An Objective Based Game Level. Items Can Be Recovered From Various Locations Of Centrilica Such As Cop Cars, School Buses & Buildings.



It'll Be In Your Best Interest To Own A Decent Headset, Because The 5.1. Digital-Surround Is Best If Heard Clearly. 

Each Character Has Their OWN Mode Of Game-Play.

Danial: = Detection, Investigation, Ingenuity.

Vladimir: =  Navigation, Defense

Uma: = Stealth, Infiltration.

Demitra: =  Location, Evasion.

After Downloading, It's STRONGLY ADVISED That You Read The "RAVER ][ README" File.

Official RAVER }{: EARTH IS OVER Release Date:

Due To Technical Issues & Unexpected Occurances, RAVER }{: Earth Is Over Will Not Be Coming Out On Halloween As Predicted. As Of Now, A Release Date Is Yet To Be Announced, I Do Apologize For This Major Inconvenience To You All.

RAVER ][:Earth Is Over, Cyber-Lilith_Tech-II & PSYCHOTIC_PERSILLAH_TECH-2 Are Copyrights (c) D.L.S Soft-Ware.INC 2013, All Rights Reserved.